William J. Clinton



Number President 42nd President
Terms Served 2 Term Served
Dates Served 1993-2001
Party Democrat
State Represented Arkansas
Married to / First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton
Born August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas
Died Still Alive
Age William J. Clinton is 60 years old this year


William Jefferson Clinton was the young President from Hope, Arkansas, who won where no other person of the Democrat Party had after Franklin Roosevelt.
Bill Clinton was born on the 19th of August 1946. He was named after his father, who had died before Clinton was born. Virginia Kelley, his mother, remarried Roger Clinton, whose surname Clinton later adopted. As a child Bill Clinton was always obsessed with politics.

He got his B.S. in International affairs in 1968 while he worked for Senator J. William Fulbright. He taught for a very short period in the University of Arkansas after he graduated from Yale Law School.
He was the youngest Governor in the nation as he was just 32 when elected in 1978. He was the head of Centrist Democratic Leadership Council for a year. In 1992, Clinton defeated Republican George H. W. Bush and won the Democratic presidential nomination.

After being elected as President, Clinton focused on economic issues so that he could uplift the growth of the sluggish American Economy. He wanted to make changes in the Democratic Party by concentrating on issues that were for the common middle class.

 Clinton was firm on certain issues like gun control, gay rights, equal employment, making abortion legal, giving opportunities for education, and issues relating to national health insurance and environmental protection, He also worked on tax reforms so that the burden of tax was more on the rich. He also made major changes in the U.S. Health care system which would have been of great benefit to the Americans. All his efforts failed as he was opposed fiercely by the opposition.

As President, Clinton had some major achievements like the N.A.F.T.A which came into effect from 1stJan 1994 and the G.A.T.T. which helped in the establishment of World Trade Organization. In order to restore the presidency of Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s, Clinton sent U.S. forces to Haiti in 1994. He also withdrew U.S. forces from Somalia (1994). Peace agreements were negotiated in the Middle East which bore fruit in the form of important peace agreements. He also restored the   diplomatic relations with Vietnam in 1995.

The two major setbacks that Clinton suffered during his term wa s firstly he was not able to get the health care reform and secondly his impeachment on Dec 19th. It was initiated by the House of Representatives on grounds that he had lied on oath, on the issue of his affair with Monica Lewinsky who was an intern in the White House. His impeachment damaged his name and place in history as he became the second president to be impeached, though the Senate could not convict him on impeachment charges. 

Apart from the impeachment controversy, Clinton had to deal with problems that continued with Iraq. When Saddam blocked the inspection of the weapons by the United Nations, they started air strikes which continued for 3 months everyday and the Iraqis also responded by shooting down patrolling jets.
The President, during his final year in the office made several foreign trips to South Asia, Africa and Europe. He lent his support to Al Gore who was hoping to contest for the next presidential elections and to his wife Hillary Clinton who was running for the Senate.

Before leaving his office on Jan 19th 2001 Clinton agreed to pay a fine of $25,000 to the Arkansas Bar Association as well as accepted suspension for a period of five years, in exchange of which Robert Ray agreed to end the threat of criminal liability against him. In spite of these set backs Clinton was highly popular among the Americans.




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