George W. Bush



Number President 43rd President
Terms Served 2 Ters served
Dates Served 2001-Present
Party Republican
State Represented Texas
Married to / First Lady Laura Bush
Born Born July 6, 1946.
Died Still Allive
Age George W. Bush is 62 years old this year


George Walker Bush is the son of former President George Herbert Walker Bush. He was born on 6th day of July, 1946 in New Haven. Bush graduated from Yale in 1968 with a degree in History. Bush worked as a part-time fighter pilot till 1973, as he had training as Texas Air National Guard. He returned to Texas after he received a degree of MBA from Harvard Business School in 1975 where he set up his own business in oil and gas.As his family had been into politics, he too was inclined into it since childhood. In 1977 he ran for the U.S. Congress from West Texas where he was not successful. Bush again got back to politics by running for the position of Governor from Texas. Although his opponent Ann Richards was very popular and a tough one, his agenda was clear and focused on issues relating to education and justice, and thus he won. As he had a very appealing personality he became popular as a governor.

The Presidential Election of 2000 was between George W. Bush and Al Gore. Though Bush was officially the winner and became a President on 13th December 2000 Bush had to see a lot of ups and downs before he was formally announced as the 43rd president of the United States on 20th January 2001. He won by just one vote.During his first term he was highly praised for his political success to cut taxes, and waning of corruption. He rejected a number of international treaties like the Kyoto treaty on global warming and a treaty to form an international war-crimes court. He also withdrew from Antiballistic Missile Treaty of 1972 which was there since three decades with the Soviet Union, but convinced Russia to sign a treaty that would lessen the nuclear weapons stockpile of both Russia as well as U.S. by the next decade.
The attacks by the terrorists on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 11th September 2001 changed the direction of the administration of Bush. His prime concern was to put an end to international terrorism for which he sought support from all the countries of the world. He started by air strikes in Afghanistan on 7th Oct with the help of Britain when Taliban govt. refused to surrender Osama Bin Laden, who was the master mind behind the September 11th attack. By 9th of December Taliban gave up but till date Laden has not be caught.

After the war in Afghanistan, as Bush believed that Iraq was the main threat to the security of America, he changed his strategy to strike before the harm was done. In September 2002, Bush challenged the United Nation organization to do something against Iraq or he would be left with no option but to do as he thought wise. Many world leaders were taken aback because this meant dictatorial attitude rather than working as an International Community.
Human abuse that was being done by Saddam Hussian, the link that Iraq had with terrorism and the presence of mass destruction weapons in Iraq made him take his stand. War was declared against Iraq on 19th March and U.S. as well as British troops started to bombard Baghdad and by April 9th Baghdad got wiped out and the war was officially over by 1st of May, but Saddam Hussian could only be captured on 13th of December 2003.

Bush won the Presidential election over John Kerry, who was the Senator of Massachusetts for the second time in November, 2004. His second term is not free from criticism especially on the way he handled the domestic economy as well as the war against Iraq and the brutal penalty given to Saddam Hussian. Due to all this his popularity has gone down to the lowest that any sitting President had since 35 years.




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