West Virginia State Flag



West Virginia Flag History

Adopted in 1929, the current West Virginia state flag displays the West Virginia Coat of Arms centered on a white field. The date of admission to the union, June 20, 1863 is etched on a stone and the West Virginia state motto "Montani Semper Liberi" (Mountaineers Always Freemen) is printed on a ribbon below the farmer and the miner. A red ribbon floats above the West Virginia coat of arms with the words "State of West Virginia". Wreathed rhododendron, the West Virginia state flower, is arranged below the coat of arms. The pure white field is bordered in blue on all four sides. West Virginia's state flag displays a rock containing the date June 20, 1863, the day West Virginia became a state. A white field is bordered in dark blue. The two men on the West Virginia state flag represent farming and mining. Below them are two rifles with a "Liberty Cap" on top the rifles. A ribbon includes the West Virginia state motto “Mountaineers Are Always Free". Around the picture is a wreath of rhododendron and the name of the state, “WEST VIRGINIA”, on a red ribbon.

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